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Super Mario Run Glitch: Experiencing No Sound? Here’s Why

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Super Mario Run has gotten plenty of attention in such a short span of time. Critics are already calling it one of the best mobile games available on any smartphone or tablet. Apple users can download the game already, while Android loyalists will have to wait for the auto-running platformer in 2017.

However, not everything is bright and shiny in the Mushroom Kingdom of Princess Peach. It seems like the mobile hit is suffering from the lack of any type of sound in the game. There is no music in the game, nor are there any sound effects, which is worrisome.

Why Was 6 (And 5) Angry At 7?

According to Wojdyl Social Media, the problem is present in older iPhones. Super Mario Run works perfectly on an iPhone 7 but has sound issues on older models. All of the people complaining about the game’s problems have an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 5.

Normally, fans wouldn’t scoff at these iPhone models since they can still play music and most games. However, it seems like Nintendo’s first mobile effort isn’t one of them. While the game can be played, having to jump around with no music is just sad. It’s not the end of the world, but Nintendo fans have every right to throw a tantrum.

Wait For The Update?

Unfortunately, it seems like fans will have to wait for the Super Mario Run update if they want to play it on older phones. As of this writing, there doesn’t seem to be any regular solution for the sound issue. Fans have tried turning the phone off, deleting and re-installing the app, but none of these seem to work.

It’s a shame that Nintendo’s first mobile hit has ended up angering mobile players. This is a game that fans have been waiting years for, so to see it do this is just sad. Here is hoping that an update will be able to fix these sound problems.

Super Mario Run is available now on iOS devices. Fans with an iPhone 7 should have no problems playing the game. Those with older models should probably wait for an update. There is a free version with three levels and a full version for US$9.99.

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