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Super Mario Run: What Nintendo Should Learn For Their Next Mobile Games

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Super Marion Run Android

Nintendo recently launched its first mobile game with an endless runner based on Super Mario. While Miitomo was Nintendo?s first official mobile app, it was more of a social space rather than a game. Super Mario Run, on the other hand, is a true gaming experience. There are mixed responses for the mobile title that serves as Nintendo?s foray into mobile gaming. There are more games Nintendo is planning and there are a few things it could learn after the launch of the Super Mario title.

Nobody Likes Freemium

The biggest mistake Nintendo did with Super Mario Run is giving it away for free but locking majority of the content with a paywall. Once downloaded, players can play the first three levels of the game for free. The rest of the levels require a $10 payment. The three levels are a breeze to go through, and after that, there?s not much to do in the game. It?s a big disappointment to fans as the game was somewhat promising.

Stick With The Origin

One of the things that Nintendo did right with the Super Mario mobile title is that it stayed true to the franchise. It was the Super Mario game we?ve come to know and love, but with a different control scheme. There are planned mobile titles for popular Nintendo franchises like Animal Crossing, and the developer better stay true to what it bases the mobile game upon.

Keep It Simple

Since it?s a mobile game, fans aren?t going to expect deep mechanics and gameplay. Like Super Mario Run, the next mobile game from Nintendo should be simple. It?ll make the game more accessible to the audience and it would also help with how the game runs on mobile devices.

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