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Super Mario Run Success Paves Way For Fire Emblem & Animal Crossing Mobile Games From Nintendo

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Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

Nintendo?s Super Mario Run was an overnight success having been earned a respectable 14$ million in just three days from it?s initial launch. And now that Nintendo has joined the fray of mobile game developers with Super Mario Run, it doesn?t look like the gaming behemoth is looking to stop soon. In fact, due to Super Mario Run?s success, Nintendo is now planning to push out both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing on the mobile gaming market.

Nintendo Joins The Fray

2017 is turning out to not only be a very prospective year for consoles, but for mobile games as well. Nintendo in particular has recently seen the massive potential of mobile games with the introduction of Super Mario Run and is now looking to send out more big titles soon.

President Kimishima revealed in a recent interview that Nintendo is planning to make at two to three mobile games every year from now on.

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Apparently, Nintendo is branching out of consoles and has even started to devise their very own mobile strategy. And releasing at least two to three games a year is all a part of this new strategy.

This is fantastic news to all Nintendo fans, and mobile gamers alike. It wasn?t revealed whether the company will create newer franchises on the mobile gaming platform.?But odds are they?ll be looking to reprise old franchise classics such as the Super Mario universe.

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Fire Emblem

And this notion is supported by Nintendo?s reportedly upcoming titles for mobile devices. TechCrunch reports that both ?Fire Emblem? and ?Animal Crossing? are already set to have their own stand alone mobile games this upcoming 2017.

Lets just hope Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will have better monetary schemes in place compared to Super Mario Run. Apparently, a large number of players are quit the game in less than a week because of its pay-wall scheme.?

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