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Super Mario Run Is The New Pokemon GO; Mario Takes Crown From Pikachu

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Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

The mobile gaming industry received the big juggernaut that is Pokemon GO earlier this year, and it seems a new game is already getting ready take its place just before 2016 ends. Super Mario Run was able to earn a staggering $14 million in the first three days since its launch, making it the new Pokemon GO.

Super Mario Run

The game?has broken the App Store?s download records. And within its first three days, it has already earned $14 million. The analytics firm App Annie details that just over 1 million of the current players have paid to gain access to the full game. It?s pretty clear to see that the game is a huge success.

The game is available for free download. But it?s apparent that many people are willing to pay up for the full package.

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With so much success in such a short amount of time, App Annie expects that Super Mario run is set to earn more than $70 million in just its first month. And with the game?s current success, it may even go above that estimate.

What?s astonishing is the fact that only 4 percent of Super Mario Run?s current player base are paying for the full package. The total number of players right now is 37 million.

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Pokemon GO

Super Mario Run is currently exclusive to Apple users. However the game is already boasting three million active players. The game is set to be released in Android as well some time in 2017. ?And with more Android users compared to Apple users, we can expect the number of active users to increase greatly.

While Pokemon GO, on the other hand, has already lost 15 million of its active players. Pokemon GO may still be the king for the time being, but with its declining active users and the unprecedented success of Super Mario Run, the latter may be set to become the next top mobile game.

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