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Super Mario Run iOS Update: New Characters, Additional Free Content, And More

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Super Mario Run

Nintendo has finally made Super Mario Run available to Android starting this week. But, the iOS version also received something from the developers as they updated the app to version 2.0. The patch includes new playable characters, an easy mode, additional free content, and bug fixes. Here are some of the key information you need to know about the update.

The most interesting part of this update are the new playable characters Nintendo added. According to 9To5Mac, there are new different color versions of Yoshi in the game. Gamers know that whatever Yoshi’s color is during a Toad Rally, the would also be the color of toads they can unlock. Meaning, through the new update, more colors of toad have become available.

Speaking of Toad Rally, Nintendo also added some changes in the mode. Reports confirmed that the patch will adjust the appearance rates of various Toads in the game. As a result, it will be much easier to get Toads to purchase buildings.

Super More Run iOS Update Content

Aside from the features mentioned, the patch will also deliver additional free content in the game. This is for those gamers who did not purchase the full version of Super Mario  Run. Players can see the new content in the form of Bowser’s Challenges. Also, MacRumors reported that once you have completed one of the challenges, the previous 1-4 course will be unlocked.

Super Mario Run

Moreover, after opening 1-4 course, gamers will then have access to new courses in Toad Rally. New Toad colors will also become available as well as new Shop buildings. This is a clear indication that Nintendo has made a lot of things available even for those who have not purchased the full version of the game.

Not only that because an Easy mode has been added as well by the update. It is intended for those who are having a hard time in playing the game. The new feature can be found on the World Tour mode. Plus, to help out new gamers, the tutorial has been adjusted as well so players can understand it easily.

There you have it! Some of the key notes you need to know about the update on Super Mario Run iOS version. What do you think of these new features? Do you think adding more free content is fair for those who paid for the full version? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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