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Super Mario Run Guide: Tips to Master the Game

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super mario run guide

Super Mario Run is winning the hearts of millions around the world. Day by day, players are unveiling different tips to win the game. We have collected some important tips that will help you master the game. If you love to play the game, then this super mario run guide are for you.

Master Tapping and Jumping

The best way to master the game is to master the tapping skills. In Super Mario Run, a jump is not just an ordinary jump, it?s the only way to collect coins and to win the game. You must master the tapping and jumping skills first.

Learn Mega Jump

Along with tapping and jumping, you need to learn mega jump. ?When you tap the screen, it causes the short jump. But if you hold the finger down on the screen, you can jump much higher. It will boost Mario just a little higher, offering you the edge you need. The mega jump is necessary to reach higher coins.

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Pause for a while

We know you are extremely addicted to Super Mario Run, but sometimes you finger gets tired. To take a break without disturbing the gameplay, you can use the red blocks in the game. When you get a red block, instead of breaking it, stand above it to rest your finger. Besides, the pause will also help you to take a look around and make a strategy for the further game.

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Unlock Luigi

If you are getting bored playing the mustached plumber, you can unlock different characters in the game. You can unlock Luigi and Peach as the new character to refresh the game. Each character has its own abilities like they can jump extra high or they can run extra fast when compared to super Mario. You can even unlock Toad by linking your Nintendo account to Super Mario run. And for the rest of the characters, you have to collect enough coins to unlock them.

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