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Super Mario Run Guide: Finding Secret Coins in Each Level

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Nintendo?s Super Mario Run is an instant hit in mobile gaming. Finding coins is the traditional and the most important objective for Super Mario. You can easily find hidden coins with this Super Mario Run guide.?

Nintendo?s Super Mario Run was built with lots of secret content and hidden coins in different levels. The player has to be clever to find the secret coins in each level. The coins are differently colored and scattered across the map in hidden places. TheBitBag?s gaming guide will help you out to find out these hidden precious coins instantly and easily.

Find out hidden coins with Super Mario Run guide

In the game, the players can keep track of their coins. If a player collects the full batch of coins, the game will unlock another set of coins that are even difficult to find. Indeed, this guide will not help the players to find out the locations of hidden coins, but it will help the players to find out the coins with ordinary tricks.

super mario run

If you are a first time player of Nintendo?s Super Mario run, then you must need to follow these simple steps to locate hidden coins in the game.

Step 1: Play the level to complete it.

Step 2: Play the level to streamline completion.

Step 3: Play the level to discover all the coin locations.

Step 4: Play the level to earn all the coins.

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Super Mario Run Guide and?Clues

The game is built in order to hint the players about the secret area or compartment where they can discover a patch of coins. For this, the players must need to focus on clues like an area or an arrow or special block that indicates something.

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While these clues do not always work for reaching hidden coins, sometimes they also lead to the easiest path to complete the level. However, if the player fails to get the coin, he?s successful in completing the level. ?It?s also a win-win situation for the player.

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