Super Mario Run Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run Guide

Everybody?s favorite mustachioed buddy in red is about to take over people?s lives once again. After Super Mario?s long silence over the emergence of smartphones, the most awaited comeback is finally here, as Nintendo is bound to release Super Mario Run to people?s mobile devices.

This article aims to?equip players with everything that you need to know about Super Mario Run.

About Super Mario Run

Shigeru Miyamoto recently introduced Super Mario Run via video. Looking at it will make you think like it?s the exact same game from your childhood. Well, it is. But with a few alterations.

Unlike in the previous Super Mario games where you have to press the left and right buttons to move, Super Mario Run is an auto-running side-scroller. Which means, according to Mr. Miyamoto, users can play single-handedly.

Is that all?

Since it?s one of the biggest comebacks ever created, Nintendo won?t leave its players disappointed. Although, people will be required an Internet connection to play the game. And Nintendo has a backup explanation for that.

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Nintendo believes that online connectivity will help them offer features and services that they believe will enhance the game experience.

Through Internet connection, players will be able to access other player?s data and scores for the Toad Rally challenges. People can also expect in-game events wherein they can be offered new challenges and rewards that are available for a limited time only.

According to Polygon, players can also save their data and link it to their Nintendo account, so players can use their saved data in other mobile devices.

And of course, Nintendo won?t be leaving their players idle when there?s no Internet connection available. Nintendo provided Super Mario Run players with three modes, namely: The World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder.

The World Tour

The World Tour?s gameplay is similar to the Super Mario we all grew up playing. The goal of the players is to obtain the iconic flagpole by the end of the level. But of course, players have to collect coins, avoid obstacles and defeat the enemies.

Super Mario Run Guide

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Additionally, players are encouraged to get the Challenge Coins, which become harder to obtain every time users come back to play it. Finishing all the levels will help the players earn Rally Tickets for the Toad Rally mode.

Toad Rally Mode

The Toad Rally Mode enables Super Mario Run players to compete against other players in a race. The goal of the game is to simply beat the other player?s best score and pull off some cool jumps to earn toad fans.

Kingdom Builder

Players can finally build and decorate their own Mushroom Kingdom by spending the coins that they have collected in playing the World Tour and Toad Rally modes. And if their Kingdom is satisfyingly good, players will also have the chance to?unlock more characters and games.

Imagine being able to do all this in just one game. And the best thing is, it?s Super Mario! Players can have all the fun of playing Super Mario Run by availing the game in a one-time purchase of $9.99.

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