Super Mario Run: How To Get Blue Toads In Toad Rally

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Super Mario Run has proven to be a blast to play, despite some of the game’s sound problems. While it is fun, it can be a bit problematic to unlock certain characters. Some of them are pretty simple, but fan favorites like Luigi and Yoshi can take up a lot of time due to the Toad Rally.

For those unfamiliar with the mode, Toad Rally has players race against each other to see who gets the most coins. Players will be doing this in front of an audience of toads who must be impressed by the antics of Mario (or whoever the player chooses). Impressing toads will get them to move to the player’s kingdom and could lead to the unlocking of hidden characters.

How To Get Blue (And Other Colored) Toads

In general, getting toads in the rally is pretty random in Super Mario Run. While there is no specific formula to get a specific amount of toads, there is a way to get more colored toads than normal. First, it would be better to beat the World Tour campaign right away since players will be able to challenge stronger opponents by doing so.

The next part is tricky and completely random. Once challenging opponents to Toad Rally, the player should be able to see a toad graphic beside the opponent’s avatar. As the game goes on, the red toads will be replaced by a specific color of other toads. If one of them is blue, players should try to please that specific color.

It’s Tricky

One of the better ways to get toads in Super Mario Run is to do tricks and collect coins. This can be difficult since players will be racing against actual layers with skills and not a regular AI. Doing enough of these tricks should net players extra coins and might even persuade toads to go to their kingdom.

Mobile gamers with an Apple device can download the game now and try winning over the toads themselves. The demo is free, while the main game is US$9.99 and has no microtransactions. Fans should probably wait for an update since the game has problems with older iPhones. A version for Android is coming in 2017.

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