Super Mario Run Download: How To Play The New Mobile Game Now

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Super Mario Run Download

Super Mario Run download link on Apple App Store is now operational for some iOS users. However, people who are still in the dark should wait a little longer as it will eventually arrive soon. Furthermore, people who can see the game on Apple App Store can press the notify button.

In this case, people who used the notify button will receive a notification as soon as the game releases in their respective countries. At the present time, Super Mario Run is available in 151 countries around the world and costs $9.99 or ?7.99. People who are very excited to play the game should read on below to figure out how to download and play the game now.

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Super Mario Run Download Guide For iOS

People who own iPad or iPhone devices are in luck, given that Super Mario Run is only available for iOS users currently. Furthermore, the Super Mario Run download link can be accessed here. As stated above, the game costs $9.99 so people would have to buy the game before proceeding.

Super Mario Run Download Guide For Android

Super Mario Run Download

As stated above, the game is currently available for iOS devices that sport iOS 8 above. There is no doubt that the game will soon reach Android devices in the future despite the lack of launch date. However, Android users can still play the game using emulators that can be found on the internet.

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These emulators would allow the users to run iOS apps on Android device. However, it is recommended to avoid these as it might bring a lot more than just the emulator. Most of the websites that claimed to host iOS emulators do have a lot of links to risky software.

It is also important to realize that every iOS emulators for Android are only available as apk files. In this case, it would put your Android devices at risk by downloading and installing software from untrusted sources. Given these points, it?s not a recommended path to playing the game as it could do more harm than good.

Furthermore, people who would take the risk just to play the game would need to download iOS 8 or above as it is the game?s requirement.

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