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Super Mario Run Crashes Frequently? Game Not Working? Here’s Probably Why

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Super Marion Run Android

Nintendo recently made its biggest mobile gaming debut with an endless runner based on the iconic Mario franchise. Super Mario Run is currently available for the iOS, and players are currently tapping their way through the Mushroom Kingdom. However, it might not be all fun and games for some as some players are reporting that the game doesn?t perform well and crashes frequently.

Why Is Super Mario Run Crashing?

Players are reporting that the game crashes very frequently. It?s a very annoying issue and players worry about losing their progress due to the bug. There?s no fix for the frequent crashes released by the developer, but a few players have discovered the root of the crashes.

Super Mario Run crashes very frequently if it?s running on a jailbroken device. Quite a few iOS users jailbreak their phones for customization purposes and so that it could get paid apps for free. There are quite a few players who are reporting the frequent crashes, but there is one thing they could do to prevent the issue.

Super Mario Run Guide To Fix Crash Issues

According to Touch Arcade, players should install tsProtector 8+ to avoid the crash issues. The app has a paid feature for unlimited white and blacklisting functionality. To play the game worry-free, players will need to use the blacklisting functionality on it. The app works by making the app think that the device isn?t jailbroken. If done properly, then playing the mobile Mario game shouldn?t have any trouble running.

Super Mario Run is one of Nintendo?s foray into mobile gaming. The first was Mitomo which is currently available in select regions. There are more games planned by Nintendo, and one of these is even an Animal Crossing title. For now, the Mario game is receiving good response as it?s a pretty good callback to the franchise.

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