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Super Mario Run Android Release Date; Game to Feature Multiplayer Online Mode?

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Super Mario run Android release date

Nintendo, the top gaming console company is now making a new move with its latest innovations. After the huge success of Pok?mon Sun and Moon, the company is now targeting small screen devices like iPhone and iPad. And now, the?long awaited Super Mario Run is almost upon us.

The company has announced that it will launch Super Mario Run on iPhone and iPad. The company even promised to release an Android version of the game sooner. This?is the first best developed Nintendo game for small screen devices.?

Super Mario Run for Apple Store

When Nintendo debuted its gaming console, instead of beating giant competitors like Sony, it has created its own space in the market. Nintendo named it the Blue ocean strategy. But debuting on a small screen is completely different as the company has to compete with more than 2 million Apps in the Apple store.

It?s a smart move by the company. The company is planning to reach more audience with the increasing sales of iPhones and iPads. Instead of reaching the audience by selling gaming consoles, the company has taken a smart move to reach the audience through iphones and ipads.

Nintendo has already sold 150 million hardware and now it is planning to reach billion of iphones till this summer. The company is on the edge of introducing a new generation of players. Smart, isn?t it?

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super mario run

Super Mario Creator supports Nintendo?s move

The Legendary designer and creator of Mario shared his positive reviews for Nintendo?s Super Mario Run. He stated that ?I feel like Mario was what introduced millions of people to video games and interactive entertainment, and I think that Mario will continue to serve that role. And I think with Super Mario Run that?s exactly what?s going to happen.?

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After the success of Pokemon Go on iOS and Android, Super Mario Run will be Nintendo?s best Christmas gift for the gamers. The company is also planning to offer multiplayer mode in future.

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