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Super Mario Run Android Release Date: Google Play Registration Now Open

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super mario run android release

Nintendo will finally release Super Mario Run on Android. Super Mario Run is up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store. In order to ensure that fans get a timely notification, the company set up alerts on Super Mario Run?s market page. Following the successful release of Super Mario Run iPhone, Super Mario Run Android release is all set to woo Android users.

How to pre-register for your Super Mario Run Android release?

In order to register to get Super Mario Run on your Android Device, you just have to go to the Google Play Store and then search for the Super Mario Run?s page. There, you will get the ?pre-register? button instead of ?notify? button. You just have to click the ?pre-register? button and that?s it.

The ?pre-register? button is like setting an alert. The company will send you a notification as soon as Super Mario Android hits the market. Once the game is up, you can get it as a free download. And then you can unlock the rest of the features later on by paying $10. And you are the first from your peeps to get the game.

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super mario run Android

Super Mario Run?s huge success

Nintendo?s Super Mario Run experienced a huge success when it released on iOS. The publisher has confirmed more than 50 million app downloads within a day of its release. And this amazing statistics has made Super Mario Run, the fastest downloaded app ever in the gaming industry.

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With 50 million downloads for iPhone, just imagine the number of downloads it would get for Android. Pre-registration is the only way to beat the line. Click here to get the Super Mario Android Release as early as possible.

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