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Super Mario Run Android Release Date News: When Will Samsung, HTC, And Xperia Phones Get The Game

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super mario run android

Super Mario Run?s Android release date is being highly anticipated by gamers with Samsung, HTC, and Xperia phones.

Following the success of Pokemon GO earlier this year, Super Mario Run was unveiled last December 15. While there are still a lot of features from the original title, it is similar to newer games such as Temple Run and Rayman Jungle Run.

The game still stars?the famous plumber protagonist as he navigates his way around courses and scattered coins using one-tap controls. It also has a run-to-the-flag mode that features classic Mario levels. There is also a one-on-one battle mode dubbed as ?Toad Rally.?

Apple devices

super mario run android

Apple patrons were first to get access to the new title. It was launched for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch last week and was reportedly one of the biggest releases that Nintendo made for iOS. According to app data firm App Annie, it had over 37 million global downloads on its first three days.

Nintendo exec Reggie Fils-Aime explained why they did not launch Super Mario Run for Android alongside its Apple rollout.

“In order to develop the game and make it as special, we had to focus on one platform,? he said. ?We decided to focus on iOS, iPhone, [and] iPad.?

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Super Mario Run for Android

Without giving an exact month, Fils-Aime teased fans that Super Mario Run?s Android release date will be happening soon.

?We?ve made that commitment,? the rep reassured.??It is something that will happen in 2017,” he said about Super Mario Run?s Samsung, HTC, and Xperia compatibility.

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Super Mario Run APK

Reports have also been released to warn people of the title?s .apk files that are circulating online.

APK is the file extension for Android apps that are illegal and contains viruses. Gamers have been told repeatedly to avoid these malicious apps and to just wait for the title?s official rollout.

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