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Super Mario Run Android Release Date; Why You Need to Avoid Downloading the Fake Version

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Super Mario Run Android

Super Mario Run Android is expected to arrive soon following its release on iOS devices. At the present time, a lot of iPhone users are jumping into the game, leaving the Android users out in the cold. As a matter of fact, there is no official word on when will Mario be available on Play Store aside from the spreading rumors.

However, some Android users have claimed that they?ve somehow found a way to play the game now. Given the current situation, it is pretty understandable that some users will find a way to play the game from less than legitimate sources. However, there are strong drawbacks into what these people are about to do.

Super Mario Run Android Isn?t Like Pokemon GO

Super Mario Run Android

As most of the people would?ve probably say, ?I?ll just download an APK file just like the way I did with Pokemon Go?. In the world we?re living in now, there?s no doubt that people often find a way to get something we shouldn?t have in the first place. Just like the case in Pokemon Go, people can download an Android Application Package or APK that has been ripped off by someone.

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In Pokemon GO?s case, people were able to immediately access the game despite being only available in a few countries. A handful of smart folks were able to grab the game?s APK. However, these people were also kind enough to upload the APK on the internet for the whole world to use.

Why You Should Avoid Super Mario Run Android

Apparently, one of the major reasons why people should avoid it is because it just doesn?t exist, yet. With that in mind, an app can still be uploaded to the internet if it is already on Google Play. Despite being geo-locked at launch, Pokemon Go?s APK file was still in the Google Play Store.

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In this case, Super Mario Run isn?t available in the Google Play Store in any country. In other words, the APK file for the game just simply doesn?t exist. Hence, websites who are offering APK files are definitely a scam or worse, filled with virus.

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Hence, people should avoid any unofficial Super Mario Run Android, as well as emulators to run the game.

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