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Nintendo Confirms Super Mario Run Android Release Date

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Super Mario Run Android

Android users have been wanting to get their hands on the mobile game Super Mario Run. After months of waiting, Nintendo finally confirmed the arrival of the game in the platform. Gamers should now mark the date because it will hit android mobiles before the week ends. So, without any further ado, here are the details you need to know.

Back in December, Nintendo released the mobile game for iOS. Ever since the day of the launch, it has been exclusive on the Apple’s system. On a good note, the company confirmed in January that an android version was already in the works. And this time, they finally revealed the specific date the game will roll out on android.

According to a tweet by Nintendo of America, Super Mario Run will hit android devices on March 23. That is only four days away from now so gamers, if needed, should already clear up some space to quickly download the game once released. However, be ready to spend money on the game to fully enjoy its gameplay.

‘Super Mario Fun’ Download

The android version of the game is already updated with version 2.0.0. Once it officially lands in the Google Play Store, downloading the game will be free. However, gamers should pay $10 to unlock every course in the game. On iOS, only five percent of players have purchased all the courses, but it is already enough to bring millions of dollars to the company, as reported by GameSpot.

As of writing, the game has already been downloaded 78 million times by iOS users. This is the main reason why the game, since released, is considered a huge hit. Obviously, it will be more successful once Nintendo finally rolls out the android version of it.  Now, for the android users who want to play the game, pre-register for Super Mario Run on Google Play Store here.

Although the android version is expected to be similar to the iOS one, there is a possibility that Nintendo made some changes to it. Should that be the case, then it is safe to say that the android edition is going to be more interesting than its iOS predecessor. As always, take this information with a grain of salt as Nintendo still has to make an official announcement.

There you have it! Some of the latest news and updates about Super Mario Run android version. Are you interested in trying out the game? Are you willing to spend $10 to unlock the courses? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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