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Super Mario Run Android Release Date: Official Download Link, Virus-Filled APKs, And Everything You Should Know

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Super Marion Run Android

Early last month, Nintendo released its biggest mobile game entry to date with Super Mario Run for the iOS. Despite its shortcomings and flaws, the game is a pretty decent title for those looking to satisfy their Super Mario fix. Android owners are left waiting for the release date of the game, but it seems like a?Super Mario Run Android is scheduled to launch pretty soon.

Release Date

There?s no exact release date for when Super Mario Run will launch for the Android, but those interested can register now. Once registered, players will get notified once the game is officially available. Since registration is now open, we can expect the game to launch within the next weeks or within this month.

Beware Of Malware

There are currently a lot of?unofficial Super Mario titles out on the PlayStore. These?titles could possibly contain malware that could harm the players? device. Players should be vigilant and only download the one from Nintendo.?The app can be found here.?

Moreover, players shouldn?t also download a leaked copy of the Super Mario Run Android APK. We?ve seen how Nintendo acts against those who grab illegal copies of their games with the fiasco with?Pokemon Sun and Moon, so it?s safe to expect Nintendo to punish any illegal APK users.

Super Mario Run Android Gameplay

Like the iOS version, the Android version of Super Mario Run will be free-to-play initially. However, players will have to pay a little extra if they want their hands on the other levels locked behind a paywall. There won?t be any major significant differences between the two versions. Players can expect the four modes: World Tour, Kingdom Builder, Friendly Run and Toad Rally in the upcoming Android version.

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