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Super Mario Run For Android Fake And A Malware

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Super Mario Run for Android

Super Mario Run is certainly one of the most exciting mobile games to be released recently. The latest Nintendo game has grabbed headlines in the days leading to its launch. Countless smartphone users quickly tried to download the game once it became available. Unfortunately some fell victim to the Super Mario Run For Android file which made the rounds on the internet.

The Super Mario Run game quickly became one of the most downloaded game once it launched yesterday. What some smartphone users did not know though is that the game is only available for the iOS.

Super Mario Run for Android Fake

This has caused some Android users to fall for malware which was hidden in the Super Mario Run for Android game. According to PCWorld, there are several scammers which have disguised malware in the supposed Android version of the popular game.

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While Android apps could be downloaded and installed using the Google Play Store, users can actually do this using third party APKs too. This does come with its risks which is why Google is always warning users to be wary of installing unverified Android APKs.

This is not just an empty warning by Google too. Just recently, there was an incident wherein malware was able to compromise one million Google accounts. This has caused countless personal details and information to fall at the hands of internet scammers.

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Android Version Coming Soon?

Super Mario Run

Android users are being warned to avoid installing any Super Mario Run version for Android before Nintendo officially launches it on the Google Play Store. The gaming company is planning on releasing it for Android but it has decided to delay the launch for the platform.

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Android fans should just remain patient though as surely Nintendo will make the game available for Android very soon. Being able to play the game earlier is not worth compromising the private details stored on your smartphone.


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