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?Super Mario Maker? New Trailer Highlights Endless Mario Levels Possibilities, New Features, Unlocked Worlds, And Themed Stages!

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The latest trailer shows some cool feature for the upcoming Mario level editor game. The seven-minute video showcased the endless possibilities of creating your own Super Mario levels. You initially start with a few set of items that you can use to edit your levels, but as your further use the editor longer, more items will be unlocked, this encourages players to invest more time into creating new levels as most of the content in Super Mario Maker are time-released. If basing on the trailer, it will take you nine days before you can unlock all the content; including the Super Mario Bros. 3, World and New Super Mario Bros. themed stages.

Another cool feature is when you try to shaking any highlighted objects (by dragging in an object and shake it with your Wii U stylus) to transform them into a much unique object or unlock a new function for that object. You can also use different sound bites for the objects, where some of them show off a crazy visual effect, giving a different feel to your creation, and it is also possible to upload your own sound effects by using the Wii U microphone. You can even experiment with music blocks on your level, where players can create tunes when stepping on them or even encourage them to create music by stepping different music blocks.

The game will also have Amiibo support to over 50 of the available figures, when used, it allows you to change Mario into a 8-bit version of the activated Amiibo, the trailer showed Link in his 8-bit Legend of Zelda glory navigating around the stage, we also get to see an 8-bit form of the Wii Fit Trainer and a smaller version of Bowser.

Super Mario Maker was announced last year in the Electronic Entertainment Expo and expect to get the game for the Nintendo Wii U once it hits stores in September 11.

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