Super Girl Season 2 finds Superman: Tyler Hoechlin Man for the Job

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Superman debuts full appearance in Supergirl Season 2

The first photos of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman have been released and he is looking every bit the part of the Man of Steel. Supergirl Season 2 debuts Supergirl?s (Melissa Benoist) superhero cousin in full form and not just off-screen shots, against-the-light silhouettes or chat bubbles on Kara Danver?s screen.

Superman?s suit, designed by the series? costume designer, Kiersten Ronning, features a style that fully embraces the alien history of the character. Ronning has worked on projects such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. According to Screen Rant, the design cleverly suggests musculature through the suit?s texture and lines, and the seams are a subtle match to Supergirl?s.

Straight out of an artist’s page

The costume looks like it?s been pulled directly from an artist?s page and will take some getting used to. Simply put, it?s a ?blue bodysuit, red boots and cape, and a belt.? Of course, we all know that the red underwear on top of ?tights? on a superhero is so passe, and doesn?t work on camera.

At this year?s Comic Con, producer Sarah Schechter told Empire that they knew Tyler was the man for the job as soon as he slipped into Superman?s suit.

?The difficult part was finding the person to play Superman, and then we met Tyler Hoechlin,? she said. ?I?ve actually had the privilege of seeing him in the suit, and when people see him, they?ll realize, ?Oh, that?s why they chose him?.?

The other cast members are happy about the iconic super hero?s inclusion to the show. Melissa Benoist says, ?I?ve always wanted them to interact, because it?s such an important relationship, and they had learned so much from each other.?

Superman fanboy

Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn Scott, expressed fanboy-ing from his character?s part, ??As far as Winn?s concerned, he?s all about Superman. If there was one man that Winn would turn for, it would probably be Superman.?

Will Supergirl take a backseat with the man of steel?s actual appearance on the show? Schechter explains last season?s cameo roles, ?Last year, what was important to us was that Supergirl not be in the shadow of Superman. At the same time, what we like to do on the show, besides delivering action and comedy and drama, is to make it a family story. For us it was really interesting to get deeper into Kara?s family, and that includes Clark. Clark is the only surviving member of her family, so at a certain point it?s strange not to have that be part of her story.?

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Clark Kent to Superman

Tyler Hoechlin steps into the role of Superman seamlessly. (Photo credit: AKM-GSI)


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