Super Bowl 2015 Commercials On a Scale of 1 to 5

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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the US and the whole country drops everything to tune in and watch the year?s two best NFL teams duke it out for the top spot. Aside from that though is the fact that the commercials in any Super Bowl will always be interesting to see. We rate the Super Bowl 2015 commercials on a scale of 1 to 5 below with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.



Amy Purdy is featured in the video for the Toyota Camry and it?s an inspiring video about how Amy Purdy was able to overcome her struggles in life where she doesn?t let her disability get the better of her. She is inspiring but the Camry may not be the best car model to portray that.

Rating: 3

Turbo Tax


Turbo Tax recreates a funny version of the Boston Tea Party saying that the American Revolution would have ended if the Redcoats offered free tax filing.

Rating: 3

Game of War: Fire Age

Kate Upton is seemingly roused from her bath to don her battle armor ready for combat. It?s more Kate Upton rather than the game though.

Rating: 3


Tomorrowland is Disney?s new upcoming movie and while the trailer is very short, the concept itself is quite promising and the visuals are astonishing.

Rating: 4



Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel start off the commercial back in 1994 where they explain what an email address actually is. Fast forward to now where they take the BMW I3 with kind of the same problem they encountered back then. Case in point: It?ll take some time to get used to future tech.

Rating: 5


Minions are always funny and this ad is no exception. Props go to the dramatic narration as well as the hilarious antics of the minions. I wouldn?t change a thing.

Rating: 5



The Snickers ads will always revolve around you not being yourself when you are hungry and this is no exception. This Brady Bunch spinoff is funny and really fits well to their theme.

Rating: 4



This heartwarming ad from Budweiser is about a lost puppy who accidentally gets lost but finds his way back home. Very nice.

Rating: 5



Invisible to the world? That?s what Mindy always feels like so she decides to take advantage of it by doing various things like stealing ice cream or going into a car wash by herself. She tries to get real close to Matt Damon but he is apparently able to see her.

Rating: 3


While the first video was fun and enjoyable, this second video about a boy is scary and heart-wrenching at the same time. It tells about a boy never being able to do the things he wants to do in life because he died in an accident as a kid. Sad, very sad.

Avocados from Mexico


The first draft ever. That?s the theme of this ad and it features a wide variety of animals as well as plants. It eventually boils down to Mexico picking avocados which is of course, probably one of the best things from Mexico.

Rating: 3

Dove men

A dad video. A video that pays tribute to dads all over the world. Frankly, you can?t go wrong.

Rating: 5


The setting for this ad is when a guy tries to seemingly wait for a suitable girl to take the seat next to him. He tries to do various annoying things to keep other people away and when he finally spots a pretty girl, turns out she has a baby. Epic fail!

Rating: 3



Dads seem to be taking center stage as another dad commercial can be seen and this time from Nissan. It shows how work and other sacrifices have to be made in order to provide for the family. Another heart-warming dad commercial.

Rating: 4

Weight Watchers


Weight Watchers? ad is about food, food and more food. Of course the message is clear that you also need to regulate it all even if you need to eat.

Rating: 3


This commercial screams of high technology. Everything from design to fabrication makes the cars look really good.

Rating: 3



“Sorta you is not you” is the main theme that Esurance is trying to get across. This is very important when it comes to payment, bills and everything that should be specific to the person in question.

Rating: 3



Fiat on steroids is the basically what happens in this video. Bigger and more improved with a funny intro to start it all off.

Rating: 3


Photo Source: Super Bowl website

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