Super Bomberman R DLC Will Be Free

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super bomberman r dlc
The logo for Super Bomberman R. [Image from Nintendo]

Konami has announced that there would be free Super Bomberman R DLC, though no official release date was stated. As one of the few retail Nintendo Switch games, fans that bought the system should be pleased by the news. No details on the DLC have been released, though no one will be complaining about free content for the title.

The free DLC was confirmed by a Konami sponsored episode of The Game Theorists, although no details were given. Since the game’s strength is in multiplayer, it’s easy to assume that more maps for that mode is possible. Until Konami gives more concrete details, all we can do is guess what type of DLC will come to the game.

More Of The Same?

Since the Super Bomberman R DLC is going to be free, fans who own the game don’t have much to complain about. While the title won’t be giving Breath of the Wild a run for it’s money, fans of the multiplayer won’t mind. After all, few Nintendo Switch games have 8-player matches, so this will suffice for now until other titles come out.

The game’s single-player offers 50 levels of classic Bomberman gameplay, so a few more stages wouldn’t hurt. Granted, the single-player might get repetitive for some, but fans of the series would love new stages to lay in. While it’s not impossible, it seems like the DLC will focus on multiplayer and maybe a few costumes for more unique looking models.

Switch Things Up?

Of course, Konami could surprise fans and give them new game modes in the free Super Bomberman R DLC. Whether it’s for single and multiplayer modes, it would add some variety to the game, which it might need. Considering the lack of details given, it’s hard to assume what will be coming, but all fans need to know is they should keep their copy of the game.

Along with Breath of the Wild and 1-2 Switch, Super Bomberman R was one of the launch games for the Nintendo Switch. Now that the hype has died down a little, it’s clear that the system needs news games, though Zelda should keep them quite busy. Bomberman might not be enough for some fans, though others will appreciate it for it’s multiplayer modes.

Super Bomberman R is available now for the Nintendo Switch. The DLC doesn’t have a release date yet, so fans have to wait for an official announcement from Konami.

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