Super Battle Opera 2008 Begins!

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Tougeki, or Super Battle Opera, “is an annual Japanese fighting video game tournament hosted by the magazine Arcadia. The tournament takes place over three days – usually under what is known as Golden Week, to make sure that people that participate don’t have jobs or school to attend to.” The tournament only consists of arcade games and cabinets. The participants must win the qualifiers in order to be part of the finals at the Golden Week. There are also last-chance-qualifiers during the day of the event.

The following games are being played this year.
1-on-1: These are the games that SBO are testing.
– Arcana Heart 2
– Hokuto No Ken
– The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match
2-on-2: These are the games that has a large fandom.
– Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Version B2
– Super Street Fighter II X – Grand Master Challenge
3-on-3: These are the most popular games in SBO.
– Guilty Gear XX ? Core
– Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future
– Tekken 6
– Virtua Fighter 5

– Arcana Heart 2: I thought people lost interest in AH at first because no one was playing the game. Now I know that everyone is playing AH2, which is the same as AH FULL, if I am not mistaken. This fighting game is still very popular in Japan. The cast consists of all female characters; most of them are juvenile.
– Guilty Gear XX ? Core: This is one of the most famous arcade fighting games in Japan. It has great character diversity and maintains balance. GG is also one of the few 2D fighting games that is still in development and successful.
– Hokuto No Ken: SBO used this game on 2006 and is giving the game another chance. HNK is all thanks to the fans that remained loyal to this game. I am just hoping that people knows how to fight against Toki more effectively this time to put on a good show. Otherwise, the game is surprisingly balanced.
– Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Version B2: MBACvB2 is an updated edition of the series which corrects several errors and glitches from MBACvB. The community for this game is almost comparable to GGXX?C’s. Much like GG, MB is still developed at a healthy rate.
– Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future: This is the most popular 2D fighting game in Japan. People are still willing to take poundings from Yun and Chun-Li players with the goal of defeating them. While the game is not balanced, it does have the most depth. People that dislikes parry would claim differently. This is still my favorite game.
– Super Street Fighter II X – Grand Master Challenge: This is still one of the oldest and competitive fighting games in the world. Other than O. Sagat’s Tiger and Claw’s Barcelona bullshit, the game is very balanced. Almost every character has won tournaments, which is way more than I can say about 3S. ST is still one of the most popular games in Japan. I am amazed that the format for this game is not 3-on-3, like SBO1.
– Tekken 6: This is the latest Tekken game. There are still many aspects of this game to be discovered. As far as I can tell, every character can be used and win competitions. While some characters seems to be superior, the tier of each character does not seem to be far apart. There are five new characters in T6. They are Bob, Jack-6, Leo, Miguel Caballero Rojo, and Zafina. Jack-5 was replaced by Jack-6.
– The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match: Due to the popularity of KoF98 on the last SBO, SNK developed a remake of KoF98 with additional characters in the roster. The characters includes of Kasumi Todoh, Eiji, Geese, Krauser, Mr Big, Orochi, Goenitz, Riot Blood Iori, and Orochi Leona. Only a few of the mechanics had been affected from the original. While KoF is very popular in Japan, it was never big enough to have the honor of a 2-on-2 format.
– Virtua Fighter 5: This is one of the top four games of SBO. Unlike Tekken, VF is mainly about the punishments than the juggles. VF5 is also considered to be one of the most balanced fighting games in the world. No character seems to have a clear advantage. It really all boils down to mind games and reaction speed.

Some key informations.
– Announcements for arcade qualifiers would probably start around February.
– The qualifiers would probably start around April.
– The finals would start on August.

This is all based on last year though. Hopefully, the SBO staff would update their website soon. Their website is

Thanks to Wongumfie for the tip!

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