Sunset Overdrive Customization Embraces Stereotypes

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You can now customize your character the way you like in Sunset Overdrive. A new update allows players to modify their characters to be funky, groovy, emo, weird, and everything.

Sunset Overdrive developer, Insomniac Games, announced that the customization options will be included once the game is out this fall. ?The update includes a character creator module that allows you to add accessories or modify clothing into your liking. You can see their customization trailer video here.

The game features different street fashion that you can see almost every day. You can experiment and combine any of these outfits and enjoy walking around the game and do missions. It gets funnier as you enter the Chaos Squad mode wearing these outfits. You have Kangaroo Codpieces, bunny ears, funky glasses, and more.

According to Insomniac Games Art Director, Jacinda Chew, it is all about diversity.

?Diversity was very important to me?

?Because it is about the player?s choice and being who you want to be. I think it makes our game stand apart from other games”, Chew added.

With this update, you can now portray yourself into the game. If you are an emo in real life, there?s an emo hairstyle with an emo outfit in the game that can totally get your style. You can finally??be yourselves while playing the game. Or if you are just some weird guy looking for weirder things in the game, you can always find something to toy around.

You can also check this video to see some weird Kangaroo strap-ons and other serious?stuff.

However, the game is an Xbox One exclusive. That means, it will be released on Xbox Only. Though several gamers are really excited about the game, a lot of gamers are quite disappointed. There?s a lot of hate flowing around because it is?associated with Xbox One alone.

The game will be out this fall.


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