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Sunset Overdrive: A Game for Girls, Dudes, and Dudes in Skirts

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This fall, Insomniac Games brings you Sunset Overdrive; a game set to break the norms of your ordinary shooting games. Instead of your usual body builder male protagonist, here?s a game that lets you be who you want to be. You can play male or female characters from any racial origin (or a black Asian dude in a skirt for that matter) letting you be anything you want.

Awesomepocalypse. The game is set on the year 2027 where FizzCo, an energy drink company, releases its new product – Overcharge Delirium XT. The whole town then turned to crazed OD?d mutants setting a modern day apocalypse bringing you a fast-paced open world environment.

Ridiculous NPCs. Survivors in this apocalypse have joined together to form groups of factions which borders from ridiculous to very probable in an apocalyptic event. One group, called Troop Bushido, is a group of adventurers who now abide by the Ancient Samurai Code while the Fargarths, formed by live-action role players, now have their fantasy become the reality.

Everyday Arsenal. Your weapon of choice are not the usual big guns or laser beams but everyday objects turned to awesome instruments of destruction. Your guns can shoot vinyl records, bowling balls, exploding teddy bears, roman candles, turret equipped model helicopters and many more. The guns are so awesome I can?t even invent my own ridiculous gun anymore.

Sunset Overdrive 2Sunset Overdrive

Acrobatics. Instead of the usual running and finding cover against enemies, your character is very athletic able to jump obstacles, run on walls, grind rail bars and hang from wires with a crowbar. You can dash to a strategic point in seconds or just run around in town just for fun with your awesome parkour skills.

Mobs to Kill. Of course the game won?t be complete with equally ridiculous yet challenging enemies. The enemy ranks consist of the usual mob to giant mutants having destructive punches while throwing other OD?d mobs at you. They also use weapons such as the mutants having their arm infused with a leaf blower, a leaf blower that sprays acidic OverCharge at you from long distances.

A word of caution though, only play this at home. You don?t want to throw teddy bears at your neighbor or harbor paranoia for energy drinks at the convenience store because you?ll look ridiculous and not in the awesome sense.


Image Source: Youtube / Insomniac Games

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