These sunset lamps are super cute and therapeutic

Aesthetic and therapeutic? Take my money!

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Features of the sunset lamps:

  • available in three designs
  • can rotate a full 360 degrees
  • touch control
  • 7 different light modes
  • measures 4.7” by 2.6” by 2.2”
  • 500 mAh battery capacity

Sunset lamps are currently trending not only because they make great Instagram photos, but also because they’re therapeutic. These lamps mimic sunlight and are said to curb the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Apparently, sunlight is linked to a chemical change in the brain. So if you find yourself a bit under the weather during the fall and winter seasons, light therapy lamps might help.

While there are a lot of sunset lamps in the market, the ones from Apollo Box are extra adorable because they still prove to be aesthetically pleasing even when they’re turned off. They also add an extra charm to any room with their cuteness!

You can choose from three different variations: rabbit, pig, and monster.

Rabbit Sunset Lamp

Pink Pig


When in use, these projection lamps create a soft and calming ambiance in your home or bedroom. The head rotates a full 360 degrees so you can point it anywhere you want to without having to move the entire body.

It’s also easy to use! With its touch control feature, all you need to do is long-press the switch to adjust the brightness.

You even have the power to decide on the colors of the sunset that you desire! There are 7 light modes to choose from:

  • Yellow
  • Yellow, orange, and pink
  • Blue
  • Gradient blue
  • Green
  • Red-orange and pink
  • Orange

Each sunset lamp measures 4.7 inches by 2.6 inches by 2.2 inches, so it won’t take up much space on your workstation or bedside table. Plus, they are rechargeable with a 500 mAh battery capacity so you can bring them wherever you want and with whoever you want to watch the sunset with.