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Summoners War Update: New Monsters And Dungeon Debate Feature

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We have some good news for gamers. The latest Summoner?s War update has been announced. This will be the v3.1.6 update which will have a lot in store for fans.

The team from Com2uS recently announced that there will be a Summoner?s War update. This will be included in the next maintenance of the game. Once the maintenance is done, players will receive the full update report notice.

New Monsters

The first update is the addition of two new monsters in the MMORPG. These are the Dice Magician and the Harp Magician.

The Dice Magician will include the Fire, Water, Wind, Light and Dark magicians, all of which are 4 stars. As for the Harp Magician, we also have Fire, Water, Wind (which has 4 stars each), and Light and Dark (which has 5 stars each). For the complete list of their stats, you can check this out.

Dungeon Debate

The next update would be a new Dungeon Debate feature. Here you can share your strategies with other gamers. You can do this once you successfully clear each dungeon and get a rank A or higher. Take note that this must be done after the maintenance update.

Furthermore, basic information have been added to the Strategy and Boss info Menu in the Rift dungeon. Also, there is now a line limit. For Monster Debate and Monster Rift, it?s five lines; Dungeon Debate is 15 lines; and Guild Introduction is six lines.

The Monster skills description has also been edited. First is the Sea Emperor. Its skill name ?Sanctuary? has been changed and is now called ?Holy Ground.? Next is Martial Cat?s skill ?Eye for an eye.? From its ?stunning of target for one turn when attacked with a critical hit.” it?s now modified to ?stunning of target for one turn with a 40% chance when attacked with a critical hit.?

Now players can enjoy using the two new monsters given by the Summoner?s War update and play the game with more ease.

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