Summer Steam Sale 2017: Tips And Life Hacks To Save More Money

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Summer Steam Sale 2017
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In any Steam Sale, most buyers will be teased to take any discounted game, thinking they got it for a steal. However, knowing the discounts more intimately can actually help you snag more games even at small budgets. Here are some tips that you should use to get more games and save money for this upcoming Summer Steam Sale 2017.

Steam Discount Tracker

Once the sale starts, it’s not enough to rely on the front page discounts as it won’t cover everything. You’ll need the unofficial SteamDB sale tracker to monitor all the sales out there. All helpful data like discount percents, sale duration and list of on-sale games per sale type can help you plan out your purchases during the sale. This tracker will also help you to know which games are on-sale as it’s literally impossible to check each game for discounts alone.

Aim High, Get More Games

In Steam Sales, experienced bargain hunters don’t buy games just because they’re on sale. They wait for discounts to hit around 60% or above before buying these games. Most games with discounts this high is a good deal. The only games worth buying below this discount point are newly released AAA or indie games. Cheapskates should ignore everything else.

If you’re aiming for a game isn’t on sale high enough, you may have to wait for the next sale. Game prices decrease over time. They can even get discounts outside of Steam Sales at times. Your best bet of seeing this game at dirt cheap prices is in the next Steam Sale or two. Valve has many Steam sales per year like its seasonal sales, Black Friday, Halloween, and Christmas sales.

True Bargain Hunting

Once the Steam Sales starts, it’s also good to check other virtual game library providers like Humble Bundle, Good Old Games, Green Man Gaming, Amazon, and Gamefly. Some of these are their own virtual game library or online retailers for Steam codes of these games. Sometimes, these retailers also go on discount sprees during Steam sales on their products. It’ll be best to check any discounted game on Steam and see if the others have it cheaper. It may get tedious with extra accounts and more virtual library clients but this is a minor sacrifice if you’re aiming for the best deals.

For now, we’ll have to wait until June 22 to see what happens in this upcoming Summer Steam Sale 2017. The key to saving money and getting more games during Steam Sale is shrewdness and an eye for detail. Have fun bargain hunting.

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