Summer Steam Sale 2016: Date, Start Time, And Game Discounts To Expect

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Summer Steam Sale 2016

One of Steam?s huge sales event, Steam Summer Sale 2016, is reported to start on June 23. However, Steam has yet to officially confirm the event tomorrow. Currently, the Steam shop hasn?t put up a special banner for the said event, but there?s already a surge of discounts on some games before its rumored start. Here?s what we know so far about the Summer Steam Sale 2016.

According to Gamespot, the Steam Sale starts on June 23 despite Steam not announcing anything about it. This starting date is also supported by the unofficial countdown clock for the next Steam sale. As seen on the clock, we?re less than a day away from the event, so we?ll just have to wait a few hours more.

Currently, the Steam Shop still has its old design and doesn?t have any special announcement or teases of the upcoming event. In the previous events, Steam had minigames on the Steam Client that either rewarded their customers per item they bought or made their sale hunt more interactive. Steam Sale attracts consumers with its products on sale which usually have 10 percent to 90 percent discount, which makes it a favorite event of any avid player.

Some games already have their prices dropped before Steam Sale 2016 even starts. As seen on the Specials tab of the Steam suggestions, many independent games have gone on sale. The notable ones are the Arma series, Payday 2, and the recently released Dead By Daylight.

As for game discounts to expect, we might see every AAA game and notable indie titles discounted in the Summer Steam Sale 2016. AAA PC games like Ubisoft?s The Division, Square Enix?s Final Fantasy PC ports, and possibly some games that can be preordered might go on sale. Additionally, prominent indie games like Undertale, Stardew Valley, and SOMA may also go on sale.

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