Summer Steam Sale 2016: Best Last Day Deals

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As the last day of the Summer Steam Sale 2016, July 4, approaches, bargain hunters have already amassed cheap new additions to their library for this massive video game sale. Late shoppers shouldn?t be wary as we?ll run down a quick list of discounted AAA and indie games on Steam. Like the older Steam sales, the Steam Summer Sale has no shortage of interesting sales for any audience. Here are a few of the notable sales you shouldn?t miss.

Chance for a Skyrim Remaster

Previously, Bethesda announced on E3 that PC players that own original copies of 2011?s Skyrim and its three DLCs will receive a free copy of the remastered version of the game on October. Currently, the Skyrim Legendary Edition bundle that contains the full game and its official DLCs is on sale, so snag that one if you want to avail a free remastered copy. Alternatively, the DLCs are also on sale if you already have the vanilla game but didn?t opt to buy the DLCs due to the game?s immense mods or just didn?t bother at all.

Witcher series

CD Projekt Red?s hit game, The Witcher, has also been hit hard by the Summer Steam sale 2016. While the recent Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still fairly expensive with its 50% discount, the previous Witcher 1 and 2 entries have become dirt cheap with its 85% discount tag. Despite its age, the large world of each of the Witcher games makes it worth picking up even if it?s an old entry. These games will surely be worth your time if ever you?ll need a large and expansive game to play in your library.

Shadow of Mordor

2014?s Game of the Year candidate and the Shadow of Mordor GOTY version on Steam just costs $10 because of the sale. It?ll be great to snag this action-packed game as its gameplay held out through the years due to its unique take of forcibly mind controlling and leading the enemy forces to their own leader. Additionally, the quest gets personal as the enemy commanders that you can seize has a brief spat and drama with the main character when they cross swords. If you?ve missed this release last 2014, maybe it?s time to pick this up during the Summer Steam Sale 2016.

Undertale and Stardew Valley

To top off your cheap AAA game shopping spree, feel free to throw in some notable indie game darlings to your Steam Library. Currently, Toby Fox?s Undertale costs $7 and Eric Barone?s Stardew Valley sits on a good $12 with its 20% discount. Undertale has been noted to build a large and active fandom in a span of three months since its release and lauded for its great story and memorable characters. Meanwhile, Stardew Valley is an indie game that is inspired by Natsume?s Harvest Moon and expands to more features than just being a top-down, manual farming simulation game.

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