Summer Movies: An Updated Look at Fantastic Four and Jurassic World

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The summer is heating up with movies upon movies releasing one after the other.

The summer heatwave was started by Fast and Furious 7, a thrilling ride and ode to the late Paul Walker. While the movie certainly delivered the goods, the new movies that premiered new trailers at the start was welcoming. Aside from the new Star Wars, we get to see trailers from other movies. This BGR report treats us to a new trailer that came out on Monday for Jurassic World.

In this next report, CNN joins the party and explores another new movie that?s coming out sometime after this summer. That?s Fantastic Four, which may be showing on August 7, but it?s still a hot movie nevertheless. We take a look at the report as it shows how the re-telling of Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben?s stories turn out and what new surprises it might bring.

More Raptor Army Clues

The first teaser for Jurassic World gave us a sight which no one expected to see: ?a bigger ?fish? rising up to eat a great white shark offered to it.

This new trailer, which was released last Monday according to BGR, details more about the film. Towards the end of the last trailer, people got an unexpected surprise when they saw raptors seemingly following a Chris Pratt-led assault team. Monday?s trailer tells of how Chris Pratt ever gained the ?respect? of the raptors.

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Universal Pictures, according to the article, gave the synopsis of the story in the first trailer. This time, they?re giving people more information about the movie with the new second trailer.

The Fantastic Four Cometh

Here?s another look at the Fantastic Four trailer, as seen on the CNN report:

[jwplayer mediaid=”112043″]

The new movie, a re-make of the Fantastic Four story and which stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell, released a new trailer which introduced audiences to the identity of the Storm siblings? father as well as Doctor Doom.

The reception on CNN?s page was a mix of optimism and pessimism. User Devin Meenan was sold to the brilliance of the trailer and admitted that it does ?look pretty great?. User William Bussey, meanwhile, thought that the trailer was an example of a movie which should be watched at home. Nevertheless, Fantastic Four appears to be another film to watch out for.

A Good Year

So far, it?s been a good year for blockbuster cinema. The summer of 2015 appears to be red-hot for movies with a trend started off by Fast and Furious 7. How will the year?s landscape appear later on? It?s going to be an exciting one, perhaps, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens capping the year off.


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