Summer Lesson Western Release Is Possible, Says Harada

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Summer Lesson

Tekken Team?s Katsuhiro Harada revealed in an interview that a Summer Lesson Western release may be possible if fans want it bad enough. After all, Japanese fan demand was the reason this game is going to be released soon. Summer Lesson will be released in Japan on October 13.

According to Siliconera, Harada revealed that Summer Lesson wasn?t supposed to be sold to the public as it was only intended to be a tech demo. However, strong Japanese fan demand for the game made it possible to be launched in the region. A Summer Lesson Western release might be possible if fans in that region want it enough.

However, Harada presented two problems making the game available outside Japan, namely changes in lip syncing animation and leaving out certain regions. Lip syncing might be difficult as different languages have different spoken words that the Tekken Team will have to animate differently than the Japanese version. Harada also mentioned that they don?t want other players to feel left out just because their language isn?t in the game.

An English version mostly satisfies the Western fan demand for the Japanese game. Due to the VR?s heavy emphasis on visual experience, the usual ?English subtitles with Japanese dialogue? may not work on Summer Lesson, as having floating words to translate the NPCs? dialogue may disrupt players? immersion in the game. Bandai Namco?s game features minimalist and textless displays, which is why Harada pointed out the lip syncing problem. Additionally, Bandai Namco might be considering the game?s educational aspects and not just fanservice content so as to be fair with the game?s title.

Speaking of former Japanese exclusives released in the West, Bandai Namco?s Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth released in Japan last 2015 and had a Western release in February due to its large public demand. The game had English dialogue text but still kept its Japanese spoken dialogue. Since both Summer Lesson and Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth are from the same company, fans may have a chance to persuade Bandai Namco to release another Japanese exclusive to the Western fans for a second time.

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