Summer Camps Teach Children Science and Engineering Through Minecraft

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Video games are often labelled as ?time-wasters? or the reason why children are becoming more violent. With too much negativity being thrown towards video games, some people does not realize its potential in building the future.

During summer, most ?parents would tell their children to get outside, explore outdoors, and view some of the most beautiful wooded hills of some place. They are not wrong and it is great to explore the outside corners of your house. The thing is, if you want your children to learn new things and deal with their interest on video games, then there is a summer camp for that.

Camp Combe YMCA lets your kids ?explore the great outdoors and those beautiful wooded hills, but this time, they are going to create it themselves.

For more than 500 kids each day, Camp Combe is one of the best facilities where you can bring your child to during summer. You can still enrol your children to some of the traditional activities, such as swimming, archery, high ropes course, and nature walks. But here?s something new, Camp Combe will begin its first ever Minecraft Edu session.

Your kids will learn the craft through Minecraft. Not only just a couple of pixels of blocks put together, but your kids will learn how to create an entire scenery of landscapes, architecture, and pretty much anything that your child can imagine.

According to Camp Combe YMCA?s executive director, Thad Gifford-Smith;

“We have enormously long wait lists. There?s probably 30 kids on the wait list per session.”

It is an innovation for TeacherGaming, the people behind the development of the educational version of Minecraft. There are other facilities that offers the same course in at least 50 organizations and it is spreading throughout North America.

In an interview with TeacherGaming?s CEO, Santeri Kovisto,

?Games act as sort of a medium to get the kid?s attention?

?Older organizations like the YMCA struggle to find ways to get kids excited about learning. They have a mission. It can be a mission from 30 years ago to make good citizens. It?s still a valid thing to do, but the effective tools are very different today.” Kovisto said.

You can now make games as a teaching tool for your kids. Technically, games are originally created for the purpose of learning. It is just a matter of perspective.


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