Suits Season 6 Spoilers and Updates: Is The Show Nearing Its End? Patrick Adams Thinks So!

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Will Suits Season 6 be the last time the show will be seen on television? This rumor has been spreading like wildfire right now, especially with everything that has happened just before the fifth installment concluded. Many fans believe that the show is now reaching the end of the story.

And fans are not the only people who are predicting the path that the show has been traversing. One of the lead actors in the series, Patrick J. Adams himself, is also sensing that Suits seems to be coming to an end. It must be remembered that in Suits Season 5, Mike found himself behind bars. While this scene is expected by many, it also gives everyone a hint that Suits Season 6 might be the last.

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Adams has openly talked about his feelings on the series? impending closure. He said that the show is not actually created to last for about 15 years, at least in his opinion. According to him, the sixth installment will definitely be something to watch out for. More seasons will be depending on how the story in the upcoming show will be like.

He also bared to E News that some scenes in Suits Season 6 already suggest that it is heading towards the end, and everyone in the team can feel that. It should be noted that Mike?s imprisonment has long been predicted. Good thing that the story was written well to hook the audience with Mike working in a known law firm even if without a Harvard Law School diploma.

While everyone is gearing up to the possibility that season 6 will be the last, Aaron Korsh, the show creator, bared that Suits Season 7 still looms. According to him, there is a high chance that the series will be extended up to seventh season, saying that he is clueless on how long Suits will be aired.

For him, the network usually holds a series up to its seventh installment. However, he honestly admitted that should there be a continuation, he does not know who will be staying and not. Korsh further said that he will know if the season will be their last season as soon as the announcement comes. ?

Meanwhile, Adams also cleared the issue of Gina Torres leaving the series. The actor stressed that he will not have direct scenes with Torres? Jessica Pearson in the forthcoming show but the actress will definitely be busy to revive the law firm in the first 10 episodes. The rumors circulated after it was revealed that the actress will be part of a new show, The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez.

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