?Suits? Season 6 Spoilers: TV Show to Feature Time Jump?

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Suits Season 6

Fans of the hit television show ?Suits? are craving for more as they recently concluded Season 5 left viewers hanging on to what will happen next with Mike Ross.

Just a warning, some major Suits Season 6 spoilers can be found below so continue to scroll down at your own risk.

With the season 5 finale showing Mike Ross in jail, many fans are wondering what will happen to our genius, who is going to be facing a really tough challenge of being behind bars. Some people speculate that Season 6 will fast forward into the future. However, all of those rumblings have been put to rest by series creator Aaron Korsh.

?We?re coming back right where we left off and we?re coming back to the very night that we ended the episode on? Korsh said when he talked with The Hollywood Reporter. This is certainly going to be exciting news for fans of the show as they will be able to see exactly what Mike, who is being portrayed by Patrick J. Adams, will do in his first night in prison.

Aside from the tough situation Mike finds himself in, the series premiere will also be focused on Rachel, played by Meghan Markle, trying to grasp what had just happened during their wedding day, and the possible reality that her better half will be stuck behind bars for two long years.

Will Rachel be able to take the long wait or will she break up with Mike because of this? What exactly will Mike do in order to survive in prison and what will Harvey, Donna, Jessica and Louis have under their sleeves to get our protagonist out of this very complicated situation? These are just some of the big questions about Season 6 of the show that are waiting for answers.

It?s going to be a long wait until the premiere of Suits Season 6, which according to Movie News Guide, could be sometime this summer.

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