Suits Season 6 Cast Updates And Spoilers: Patrick Adams Believes Mike Ross Deserves To Be Jailed!

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While everyone is saddened by Mike Ross? imprisonment in the forthcoming Suits Season 6, there?s someone from the cast that feels otherwise. This person thinks that Ross? life inside the cell will be better for his development. Who is this man?

Well, surprisingly, it is no less than Patrick Adams himself. Rumor has it that Adams welcomes the idea of Mike spending time in jail. According to the actor, the imprisonment of his character will be a great advantage for the series. For him, the move was bold yet good.

It should be remembered that over the past seasons of Suits, the storyline allowed the malpractices of Mike as a lawyer. So now is about time that he won?t be using the law as an escape for everything he has done before. And that no one is really above the law.

It is also expected that Mike cannot use any of his connections or any other way just to cut short his stay inside the cell. Adams hinted that most of the scenes that have been shot already were taken while he is inside the prison cell.

Adams further said how committed everyone is to show in Suits Season 6 that Mike should pay for his wrongdoings. But it won?t take him two years behind the bars. This despite the fact that he is starting to enjoy wearing prison clothes than the suit he used to wear before. ?

Meanwhile, with Mike spending quite a long time inside jail, Rachel has no choice but learn how to stand and live all by herself. It is noticeable that for most of her life she has been just a follower of Mike. But now, it is about time for her to do things on her own.

Reports say that Rachel will be experiencing some difficulties while attending a new law college. However, this will also help her to grow as a real lawyer. It is also being speculated that she will be having an affair with one of her professors.

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