Suicide Squad Villains: This Anti-Hero Has the Most Horrifying Backstory

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DC and Warner Bros.? ?Suicide Squad? Villains are all full of controversies since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released.? Based on the trailers we have seen so far, it looks like their new film which we?ll finally be being on Friday, August 5, is set to give us more humor following the poor reviews from their previous project. Before we catch the movie three days from now, we reveal who among the ?Suicide Squad? Villains has the most horrifying backstory. Of all the bad guys, Harley Quinn takes the cake in this category.

It has been 22 years since this fan-favorite villain has entered the world in the Batman cartoons. She would sometimes make the world a better place but not for justice and truth.

In Bruce Timm?s animated Batman series, Harley Quinn, who was known by that time as Harleen Quinzel was the doctor who was tasked to look after the Joker. During their sessions together at the Arkham Asylum, Joker was driven insane by her. We could expect that ?Suicide Squad? will show more of her origins from the comic book.

If this is the case, we will see Harley lose her mind when she was dipped into a vat of the notorious Joker toxin. Based on the last trailer, the Joker was Joker diving off a ledge into a vat and we saw Margot Robbie’s character making that same fall.

Though director David Ayer made no confirmation if we will see this particular story in his own version of Harley Quinn, it looks like the trailer is giving us all the clues as it displays Harley in her signature ponytail and doctor’s jacket during some scenes.

Furthermore, at the start of their superhero-fiction relationship, Harley was so in love with Joker, but he treated her like a dirt. Harley could catch everybody’s attention with vaudevillian flair, but she still missed her soulmate no matter how awful he treats her.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016 and we?re surely keeping an eye on Harley.

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