Suicide Squad Spoilers: Who Dies, Who Lives, Who Cameos

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Suicide Squad Spoilers

Warning: this article contains Suicide Squad spoilers. It will discuss who lives and dies by the end of the film, along with who makes a cameo and various plot points. This will be the only paragraph that will warn anyone, since the film doesn’t show until August 4 or 5. Continue reading at your own risk.

Who Lives?

Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Katana, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, Rick Flagg and Amanda Waller all make it out in the end. While they are all sent back to their respective prisons ? except Katana, since she works for Argus ? they all get certain rewards, except for Boomerang. Deadshot gets to visit his daughter, Harley gets an Espresso machine, and Killer Croc gets to have burgers and television.

The Joker was seemingly killed in a helicopter crash in the middle of the film when he tried to rescue Harley, but he survives. He breaks Harley out of Arkham Asylum in the end of the film, and it seems like the two will be appearing in a future DC film.

Who Dies?

Slipknot, the only member who didn’t receive a well-made flashback, dies immediately when the Squad arrives at the city for their mission to stop The Enchantress and her brother. Captain Boomerang tells him that the bombs implanted in their neck early on weren’t real, so he tries to escape. Boomerang is then proven wrong, as Rick Flagg activates it and kills Slipknot. This is the least interesting bit of the Suicide Squad spoilers.


El Diablo, who got a surprising amount of development and screen time, dies by the end of the film. He sacrifices his life to save the squad from the brother of Enchantress by keeping him in one spot, as another crew detonates a bomb that was specifically made for the disaster. It works and it kills both El Diablo and the brother.

The Enchantress dies in the end, thanks to Harley Quinn ripping her heart out and Rick Flagg crushing an item that she needed. However, this does not kill her human form June Moon, who embraces Flagg at the end of the film’s climax.

Who Cameos?

As seen from the trailers, Ben Affleck’s Batman makes several appearances, though almost always in flashbacks. He arrests Deadshot and Harley Quinn early on, which is how they got into prison. He also appears in a mid-credits scene talking with Waller so that he can get information about characters who will appear in Justice League.

Speaking of Justice League, the rumors about Ezra Miller making an appearance as The Flash are true. He appears briefly, arresting Captain Boomerang in a quick manner. The blue lightning continues to accompany him as he speeds through the film.

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