Suicide Squad Rumors: Film Released Not David Ayers’ Cut, Even As Jared Leto ‘Decries’ Deleted Joker Scenes

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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad rumors reveal that the film has two different cuts. Warner Bros. supposedly released a lighter version against director David Ayer’s more somber take. The production urged the editing team to come up with a final cut that satisfied the studio, which involved deleting some Joker scenes. It is the same version that we are fated to see today, August 5.

This is said to be the biggest fight behind this $175 million super villain bet. A lot of ego and panic are involved in settling the film?s tone and Ayer was under a lot of pressure to deal with the process. In the end, the director agreed to the studio?s course of trying out opposite tones which also meant adding millions of dollars to the movie?s original budget.

A number of people who have seen both cuts during the early test screenings talk about what we won’t see of the Joker in the final cut. Ayer earlier confirmed that he opted to delete some Joker scenes because they were not necessary, but provided no details of what occurred in these discarded scenes.

According to a Reddit user, TheCapedBrusader, those who joined the test screenings have seen both cuts. He claimed it was the same thing that happened before with Batman vs Superman. It looks like there is really a lot of interfering and drama surrounding this film.

The actor who plays Joker, Jared Leto, recently confirmed that that there is a chunk of deleted scenes that were not included on the final film. Joker is not a main character in the film, but is essential to efficiently tell the story of Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie.

Speculations claim that Ayer and Leto went as far as trying to kill Harley during his fight with the Suicide Squad, which those who attended claim went over poorly with test audiences.

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