Suicide Squad Review: Can The Worst Heroes Ever Save This Movie?

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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad has everything it needs to be a good movie. The film has an all-star cast, with talented actors like Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jared Leto putting on good performances. It also has a ton of jokes and crowd-pleasing action, which might win over some fans who felt that Batman v Superman was too dark for their taste.

Does it succeed though? For the most part, yes, it’s a serviceable action film with some fun jokes and exciting set pieces. However, it is far from perfect and might not be the blockbuster fans were hoping to see.

The plot is pretty simple and is standard superhero fare; a powerful entity has threatened the earth and it is up to a ragtag of individuals to stop them, with the twist being that the individuals are supervillains. It’s not the most compelling storyline, but it does serve a purpose, as it gives our ?heroes? a common foe to fight and gives the audience a reason to cheer for them.

It’s clear that the story of Suicide Squad was kept simple so that the film could concentrate on its characters. The effort is admirable, but there are just too many characters in the movie. Each one of them has to be introduced and established, so it always feels like they’re fighting for screen time. Some characters get a surprising amount of development like El Diablo, while others like Killer Croc and Katana barely get any.

Squad goals?

For the most part, the performances in the film get the job done. Will Smith’s version of Deadshot might be every other action character the actor has played, but his charisma and on-screen presence can’t be denied. Viola Davis also does a wonderful job as Amanda Waller, capturing the cold nature of her comic book counterpart, even if she does have to spew a lot of exposition early on. Margot Robbie is good as Harley Quinn, though her character will probably be polarizing since a lot of her jokes are hit and miss.

Jared Leto’s Joker was built up in the film’s various trailers, so it’s unfortunate that his character doesn’t feel that important. Leto’s time as Joker is mostly seen through flashbacks, though he is part of a subplot that ? to be honest ? could have been skipped entirely. Here is hoping we see more of Leto’s Joker in the new Batman film from Ben Affleck.

To be fair, Suicide Squad doesn’t pretend to be anything deep or meaningful. It’s a solid way to kill two hours, and some of the action is impressive, especially a sequence near the end with El Diablo. Fans who just want to see some fun action will definitely enjoy the film, though they shouldn’t expect too much, which is a shame.

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