Suicide Squad Movie Update: Superman To Make An Appearance? New Photo Shows Villain Killer Croc, Suicide Squad Sequel Already Confirmed?

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Suicide Squad Movie update

Since its debut during the San Diego Comic Con, there?s little to no detail that we can get from the much-awaited anti-hero movie, the Suicide Squad. Which is probably why DC?s much-awaited film is getting much attention (and admiration) from DC fans waiting for its release.

Recently, people have been speculating on various theories and rumors that point to the Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, as the jump-off points for even bigger Justice Leage movies. We know that Batman (Ben Affleck) is making an appearance in Suicide Squad, and there are now key references to other characters in the Justice League world that are coming out such as Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) having Aquaman?s Trident.

But are there other info out there?

Superman to appear in Suicide Squad?

Knowing that Batman is coming to the Suicide Squad universe, is there a big chance that Superman (Henry Cavill) will make an appearance as well?

Not likely. According to Screen Rant, Cavill confirmed that he would not be appearing in?Suicide Squad, but left the possibility open for a role in a potential sequel.

Does this mean that a sequel is already underway after the first Suicide Squad flick? There?s definitely a big possibility, but given the full slate of DC films Warner Bros. is working with right now, the Suicide Squad follow-up is probably a long way away.

Killer Croc costume revealed

We know that Suicide Squad will feature some of the most notable villains in the DC Universe, but we?re doubly curious as to how the movie will portray super villains like Waylon Jones/Killer Croc.

But in an instagram photo via Will Smith who plays Deadshot, we are able to see Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje in full Killer Croc make-up, and it was amazing.

According to Screen Rant: Originally appearing in 1983 (his storyline coincided with the introduction of Jason Todd), Waylon Jones/Croc?s backstory was reconfigured for DC?s New 52 reboot, but not by much. He is depicted as living in the sewers or on the fringe of society, has hardened skin and super strength, a condition explained as a form of atavism (having inherited genetic aspects of humans? ancestral species ? in this case reptiles).

In the Instagram photo, Killer Croc looks a lot like Lizard Man more than anything else ? but the costume is devoid of any CGI effects, so we?re banking on that to make his look more believable. To see the photo click here.

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