Suicide Squad Movie Spoilers: Batman The Brains Behind The Team? Harley Quinn The Dark Knight’s Former Lover?

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Suicide Squad Crushes Star Wars

Suicide Squad fans are set to get a treat as a new trailer for the movie is set to debut, featuring new footage from the highly anticipated movie.

Rated 15 and passed uncut by the British Board of Film Classification, the new Suicide Squad trailer is two minutes and fifty nine seconds long, which is bit? shorter than the Comic-Con trailer. The timing of its classification suggests that the new Suicide Squad trailer may come attached with the Star Wars: Force Awakens movie.


WhatCulture has revealed several plausible theories regarding the plot of Suicide Squad. It speculates that Batman is behind the idea of the Suicide Squad and is making resources available to the government for this purpose. Then there are rumours that Batman breaks into A.R.G.U.S. and confronts Amanda Waller about her intentions regarding Task Force X.

Cinema Blend also maintains that Jared Leto?s Joker will get enough screen time since videos with Joker and Harley Quinn speeding away from Batman have surfaced on the web. Earlier rumours indicated that the Joker would spend most of his time locked away in a jail cell in the movie. There also looks to be a rivalry between Batman and The Joker, as it is revelaed that Harley Quinn is now also a former lover of Batman. It?s an interesting take on Harley Quinn that we would love to see.

Inquisitor has also hinted at an alliance between Joker and Lex Luthor in Suicide Squad, with the possible link of something being stolen from LexCorp or Luthor attempting to track down Enchantress. The involvement of Eisenberg in the movie has been known for quite some time but his role in the movie still remains a mystery.

In other related news, Jared Leto posted a picture on twitter featuring Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson as Jokers with the words ?Don?t worry, Leto will make us proud.? Will Smith, who plays Deadshot, had a rec room built for the cast to bond over with each other while shooting for the movie. Suicide Squad is set to release on August 5, 2016.


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