?Suicide Squad? Leaked Photos Hint Deeper Harley Quinn Origin

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Suicide Squad Crushes Star Wars

Suicide Squad leaked photos

Warner Bros. Suicide Squad is definitely one movie that gets its appeal from all the leaked information going around the net. And it?s easy to understand why. Aside from the rough plot we got from the trailer (released officially also because it was leaked), there?s hardly any information we can get from the movie.

This DC movie is a fresh take on the usual super hero stories that we?re currently enjoying ? because Suicide Squad takes a bunch of DC?s worst villains and lets them take on missions to save the world, or they die trying, in exchange of a clean slate.

It?s an exciting idea, so people are definitely looking out for additional information about the movie.

Suicide Squad Leaked Photos ? Spoiler Alert!

So what?s the latest Easter egg that we scoured so far? The probable origin of Harley Quinn ? clearly the most interesting character in the movie. Everyone thinks that Quinn is simply a girl overly obsessed with the Joker (played by Jared Leto), but looking at her backstory she?s actually more than that, hinting of a New 52 origin ? and the movie seems to be adapting it.

Through an instagram photo posted by Margot Robbie?s (playing Harley Quinn) stunt double, Ingrid Kleinig, it clearly shows a set taking place in Ace Chemicals:

Suicide Squad leaked photos

According to Screenrant, Ace Chemicals figures largely in the origin of The Joker as it?s where he (as the hapless crook, the Red Hood) first squares off against Batman, only to end up falling into a vat of chemicals, which transforms him into The Joker.

Thanks to a recent reboot of DC Comic?s continuity, it?s an origin that Harley Quinn now shares ? having been lured to Ace Chemicals by The Joker after freeing him from Arkham Asylum, he throws?her into large chemical vat, permanently altering her appearance and deranging her?mind

This puts Harley Quinn in a new light ? though obviously still obsessed with the Joker, Quinn is now portrayed more as a victim than an actual villain.

Still these are all speculations of course and might not mean anything. There are still so many clues to uncover however ? Robbie might be playing the role of the villain when she was still Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Arkham psychiatrist, and then we see Joker preparing to torture someone. Could it be Quinn, and the reason why she just went haywire? Maybe.

For now, let?s all have fun with the speculations, and check out our initial review of the Suicide Squad.

Do you think Harley Quinn is victim or villain? Sound off in the comments below!

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