Suicide Squad too dark and violent for Chinese audience, may not be released in China

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Suicide Squad

Suicide squad might not make it to China, the world?s second-largest film market, due to the fact that the film might be too dark and violent for the Chinese audience. This news just?in time when the movie?could use good news among the negative reviews it has been receiving.

Even after changing the title to ?Task Force X,? to appeal to Chinese sensitivity, and PG-13 rating, the state-owned censorship committee, China Film Co., has not included Suicide Squad in the release calendar, which usually happens two months in advance. ?As Warner Brothers has not received any notice that the film has been approved for release, it appears that our supervillains-turned-superheroes got the Chinese axe.

According to the Business Insider, a source familiar with the matter?has said that because of China’s censorship of stories with a negative outlook on life, it has passed on including the movie in its upcoming releases. It doesn’t help that Suicide Squad also has a supernatural aspect, another no-no by the standards of the censorship committee, which is responsible for the importing and releasing of foreign films in the country.

Chinese censorship

Suicide Squad is about a group of supervillians who team up to take on a much greater evil to save the world. The movie contains a massive amount of gun violence, bad language, and all other sorts of bad-guy antics that the China Film Co. would likely deem unsuitable for Chinese audiences.

This is bad news indeed, and is the last thing that Warner Bros. needs to hear. As the second largest film market in the world, China has been a huge help in the global box office, which has helped movies in the past such as ?Warcraft,? which earned $220.8 million in China but only $47.2 million in the US. There?s also ?Zootopia,? which earned $235.5 million and is the highest earning Hollywood film to play in China so far.

Recently, Ghostbusters has also been denied release, due to the supernatural theme of the movie. The recreated movie has made over $110 million domestically, but only $51.7 million internationally.

Warner Bros. has not released any statement regarding the matter.

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