Sudoku Comes To Xbox Live Arcade

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The worlds most addictive puzzle game is Xbox Live Arcade bound.  This game will reach number 1 in downloads and probably give Halo 3 a run for it’s money for the most played Live game.  There isn’t a person I know that hasn’t played Sudoku.  Here’s the full release:

Merscom to bring Sudoku to Xbox LIVE Arcade®

Sudoku to launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade Q2 2008 with innovative multi-player

CHAPEL HILL, NC – January 31, 2008 – Merscom announced it will be
publishing this Spring Buku Sudoku, the first Sudoku game for the Xbox LIVE
Arcade system. The first, and only, Sudoku title for the Xbox LIVE Arcade,
Buku Sudoku brings the worldwide Sudoku phenomenon to the Xbox LIVE Arcade
while adding innovative competitive and cooperative play features.
Buku Sudoku uses three key features of the XBLA platform to create the
best console Sudoku experience. First, the native HD resolution of the 360
allows for an easy to read grid with pencil marks. Secondly, the
controller’s triggers and thumbsticks make for a very fast entry method,
a usual barrier with electronic Sudoku games. Thirdly, the unique XBLA
service allows for multiplayer experiences never before witnessed in a
Sudoku game. All of this is wrapped up in a cohesive graphical style that
manages to offer something for all users. In a similar fashion, multiple
puzzle sizes, difficulties, control schemes, and tutorials offer appeal to
any player whether totally new or a veteran.

“We are really excited about the release of Buku Sudoku, as it takes the
proven and popular gameplay of Sudoku to a new level. It will appeal not
only to Sudoku fans but anyone who loves a great gameplay experience,”
said Kirk Owen, CEO at Merscom. “Given the popularity of Sudoku on other
platforms and the quality of this game, we expect Buku Sudoku to be a
phenomenal hit.”

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