Studio Ghibli Film Ocean Waves Finally Gets Limited US Release

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Studio Ghibli film Ocean Waves

Animated films such as?Spirited Away?and?My Neighbor Totoro?are widely popularized, not only in the United States, but all across the globe.?In addition,?both root from the same Japanese film company, Studio Ghibli. There is one Studio Ghibli film Ocean Waves, that didn’t make it to the Western shore.

About Studio Ghibli

The company has released a lot of films which had been critically acclaimed, and many of their works have won numerous awards.?Most notably, they have won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film in 2003.?

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Distributors, such as GKIDS and Disney, had a hand in making these animations known to international audiences by English dub and releasing them in theaters and on DVD.?

Meanwhile,?there is a handful of?films?that didn?t make it past Japan. Some may be due to licensing issues or poor circumstances; nobody actually knows.?

Studio Ghibli film Ocean Waves?

This is the case of the television film called?Ocean Waves?(Also known as?I Can Hear the Sea)?which was actually first aired on May 5, 1993. It is one of the only seven films which were directed by someone other than the Studio Ghibli founders Hayao Miyazaki or Isao Takahata.

Studio Ghibli?s Ocean Waves

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Luckily, the 72-minute?film?will finally have its theatrical run at the IFC Center in New York City starting Dec. 28, and a one-night screening at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles. For fans that are not in the vicinity of New York and L.A, worry not.?A?few additional cities are to join the limited theatrical release. ?

Ocean Waves?will also be available on DVD and Blu-Ray this spring.?However, the film has not yet been planned for an English dub and it will only be subtitled at the current time of release.?

Focusing on a love triangle between two close friends and a transfer student in Tokyo, Studio Ghibli?s?Ocean Waves?is the slice-of-life type of drama that centers on teenage isolation. It also tackles the path to growing up that fans of Studio Ghibli outside of Japan will surely?love.?

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