Strike hard-to-reach massage points on your body with the help of this multi-purpose relaxation and recovery kit

It comes with a vibrating roller ball to make your experience even better

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Muscle pains are inevitable. These can arise either from an intense workout or a draining hustle at the office. And while several adults can’t help but suffer from these issues, something has to hasten their recovery. If you’re one of them, you need something to help you relax and prepare your muscles for a new series of activities.

Stop agonizing over muscle pains and eliminate them fast with Njoie BodyFlex Pro!

What is NJoie BodyFlex Pro?

The NJoie BodyFlex Pro is a modern way to relieve soreness of your joints, ligaments, and muscles no matter what you did for the day. It comes with a unique design intended to give you an overall body massage. This product also has detachable parts, which means it’s customizable to fit your desired therapy.

How do I use it?

BodyFlex Pro comes with two arched parts, one muscle roller, a muscle stick with three knobs, and a vibrating massage ball. All these components are connectible except for the therapy ball. Each of these parts also has a perfect trigger point in your body. Be sure to check on the manual to see where each massage knob will work best.

What body trigger points does it hit? Neck and back, shoulders, chest,legs, glutes, hamstrings and arms.

How do I use the massage ball?

BodyFlex Pro features its unique massage ball designed to help you recover from different muscle pains all over your body. This rechargeable device will work best with your feet, chest, arms, and your entire back. Place it on the floor, and begin rolling it using your body part that needs the massage. Also, don’t forget to turn the vibration feature on to make your experience better.


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