Strengthen your spine health using this all-natural handcrafted cushion bed

This product is breathable and will give you the best nights of sleep you ever had

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Nothing beats a cozy night at home with your favorite book on, fresh air, and a cup of tea beside you. And there is no better way to catch a good sleep than with Eco Terra. This mattress will not only give you comfort but a rejuvenating sleep as well.

The Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress is an organic and natural foam designed to give you superior comfort and relaxation. This product doesn’t use chemicals and is of 100% natural latex. It also comes with a fabric-encased coil core to support your spine. So, it’s not only toxin-free but is also helpful in keeping your body in good shape.

This mattress has moisture-wicking materials that keep sweat and wetness off your bed. It’s breathable, so you get a comfortable sleep every time.

You’d feel more confident about buying this foam because the manufacturer’s transparent about its product. This mattress has no polyurethane foams, synthetic foams and is chemical-free.