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Strengthen your investment portfolio with gold

Offset stock losses to some extent and grow your net wealth with gold.

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  • Gold is immune to market manipulation and devaluation
  • Gold prices reached record highs in several major recessions
  • Gold stays ahead of rising inflation

Although you don’t have to worry if your investments back companies with solid financials with long-term potential, it isn’t an easy ordeal to watch your investments tank. Those DIY-investing often become victims to market crashes because they end up selling low and buying high. These emotionally-charged moves could be devastating if you make irrational changes to your life savings or retirement plans. 

Adding gold to your investment portfolio could be one way to offset some of the losses during a market crash. The universal demand, high exchangeability, and limited quantity of gold make it immune to market manipulation while keeping it ahead of rising inflation.

Furthermore, it has been historically observed that gold prices surge during recessions and don’t face devaluation like fiat currencies like Dollars and Euros. Gold also allows you to conduct business in gold transactions almost anywhere in the world without facing the restrictions or limitations of banking systems.

Where to Buy Gold Directly From a Government-Owned Mint 

The Vaulted app lets you purchase insured gold manufactured and stored at the government-owned Royal Canadian Mint. These 99.99 percent pure kilo gold bars are insured against theft, losses, and even misplacement. Your holdings are also stored in highly secure vaults that undergo quarterly audits to make sure all holdings are accounted for. 

Starting to buy and sell gold on Vaulted is easy:

  • Download the app.
  • Set up an account with basic details.
  • Link your checking account to initiate a transfer to your new Vaulted account.
  • Once the transfer is complete, you can experience seamless gold buying and selling during market hours.

Every transaction fee will never go above 1.8 percent. You will also be charged a 0.4 percent annual maintenance fee for the safe storage of your gold. If you place a request with the Vaulted team to ship your gold investments to your home, however, you won’t have to pay the maintenance fee. Shipments usually take around a week.

The Vaulted team has decades of experience in overseeing $2.5 billion worth of precious metal transactions. They will also help resolve any queries you may have as they strive to offer an in-app experience without any waiting times or holdovers.