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Street Fighter V PC Test Release To Label ‘Rage Quitters’; See When It Will Be Available

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Street Fighter V

Apparently, the developers of the famous fighting game Street Fighter V definitely hates rage quitters. It appears that Capcom wasn?t really joking around when they mentioned something about tougher penalties for rage quitters. As a matter of fact, numerous NeoGAF users have discovered a new feature of some sort that will distinguish the quitters from other players.

Street Fighter V Rage Quitter Badge

NeoGAF users who briefly tested the PC test release appears to have stumbled across a special badge. This badge will show the users who are more likely to quit in the middle of the match. According to Polygon?s observation, it is simply a scarlet letter for fighting games.

On the other hand, staying up until the end of the match will also land the players another badge. However, this badge or icon will help the players in finding opponents who are just as trustworthy as they are. Hence, people who frequently stay throughout the whole match will likely be matched against other players who also does.

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Street Fighter V

In this case, the rage quitters will have to play with other rage quitters that might worsen the rage quitter status even more. On the positive side, players will avoid quitting in the middle of the match for fear of being branded as a quitter. As a result, players will be encouraged to accept their defeats honorably instead of quitting to avoid the beating.

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Street Fighter V Update

At the present time, the release date for the said update is yet to be announced. In addition to the Street Fighter V public shaming feature, the update also includes new music setting, reworked menus, and some other balance changes. However, the beta didn?t reveal any of the upcoming characters that are scheduled to come in 2017.

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